FALL 2022 - WINTER 2023

We have finally moved somewhat beyond the pandemic restrictions and I will finally be resuming in-person exhibitions.

Over the past few years, I have been getting increasingly into digital art and illustration. There will soon be a new page on this site to showcase some recent illustrations.

I recently finished this large painting representing an elephant without tusks. An article will follow shortly on my blog about the way these animals are coping with the man's pressure. Be sure to go to check it out on my blog here .

Evolution by Suzanne Belair "Evolution" ©2022 Suzanne Bélair- Huile sur toile 91.4 X 122 cm (36 X 48in)

I am also resuming my work on two books that should be out by mid-2023.

The first one will comprise some of my blogs about life, hope and creativity as well as some technical tips on painting and mediums.

The second one is a children's book I wrote and am in the process of illustrating. Here is an advanced view to one of the illustrations-

Les aventures de Justin- Le chat par Suzanne Belair

Let me know if you are interested in being part of my "launch team" and getting an advance copy of either book in exchange for your impressions and comments.

Here is some information for two art exhibitions and sales. The first one will take place at Stewart Hall on September 10th and 11th , organized by the Lakeshore Association of Artists, a group of local artists I belong to and 1/3 of sales is donated to a local charity: On Rock Community services and Food bank.

Stewart Hall 2022

The second show is organized by the Beaconsfield Artists Association and will take place on the grounds of Centennial Hall in Beaconsfield on September 17th from 1pm to 5pm. Also put together by local artists, artworks presented will be smaller. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Amcal Family Services.

I will be present at both exhibitions and am looking forward to seeing you again!


Well, the pandemic continues but we cannot let ourselves get defeated. Take a look at my blog to see some creative ideas, health and painting tips.

Also, I just finished a one year project of Daily drawings and paintings started on January 17th and I plan to create a book including all these as well as all the blogs I wrote about creating them, including creativity and technical tips and life improvement tips. You can see the artworks on my Instagram page here

The Beaconsfield Artists Association presents an online exhibition « Art with Love » from February 7th to April 7th 2021 where I will be presenting some works. For more details, go to .

L'Institut des Arts figuratifs presents an online exhibition « Signatures », Winter Salon from December 1st to March 20th . Go take a look and fall in love with our beautiful works.


Due to pandemic, Lakeshore Artists Association and Beaconsfield Artists Association spring exhibitions are cancelled

July 11th to 19th - Vitrine des Arts de Bolton at the St-Patrick Cultural Center (854 route Missisquoi in Bolton East).

From September 25th to October 23rd , the LAA is presenting an online exhibition! To visit, just go to A portion of the proceeds will be donated to On Rock Community Services and Food Bank - Contact the artist directly for any purchase.

From December 1st to 31st , the BAA is presenting a virtual exhibition. To visit, just go to Part of the proceeds will be donated to Amcal - Contact the artist directly for any purchase.