This is a blog about art, the environment and the angst of life and creation

I like to observe life, nature and to go further than what is visible, to connect more profoundly with what surrounds me.

As each person has a story and a history, so it is with each animal, plant and object. My goal is to tell this story and this perception through my artworks.

I write about art, the present moment, creativity, philosophy and life, our environment.

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2016-04-10- Invitation LAA Exhibition

2016-04-07- A World of Her Own - Body Horrors

2016-03-22- Painting of the Week : SEDUCTION

2016-03-12- Painting of the week: Clivia- The strength of Africa- 2 - Painting tip

2016-03-05- A winter morning

2016-02-26- Painting of the week: Clivia- The Strength of Africa

2016-02-14- Hope for cleaning up our oceans

2016-01-09- Organizing the New Year or a new life?

2016-01-02- Happy New Year 2016 !

2015-01-06--12-15- Gratitude !

2015-12-22- Best wishes

2015-11-23- A cause close to my heart

2015-11-13- Two paintings about expectations

2015-11-03- Two artistic events this week-end

2015-10-30- Painting of the week: Nenuphars No. 4 (Water lilies)

2015-10-23- Painting of the week: MARIE ET LA CHATTE

2015-10-17- Painting of the week: FLOATING ISLANDS No. 5

2015-10-10- Painting of the week: Le Buisson rouge (The red bush)

2015-10-04- Painting of the week: DESORDRE (Disorder)

2015-10-03- Exhibit on Eastern Townships Round barns

2015-19-05- Invitation- Art by the Lake

2015-09-04- Painting of the week: PATRIMOINE 3, Mansonville, Qc.

2015-09-02- Painting of the week: IMPULSION

2015-08-28- Painting of the week: PATRIMOINE, Mansonville, Qc.

2015-08-26- Our of my comfort zone 2

2015-08-20- Painting of the week: PATRIMOINE 2, Austin, Qc.

2015-08-06- Painting of the Week: MAKASIN

2015-08-04- Internet Art scammers - Protect yourself

2015-07-29- A little change

2015-07-28- Waiting

2015-07-25- Le Circuit des Arts 2015

2015-07-17- Invitation to Circuit des Arts 2015

2015-07-11- Peinture de la Semaine: NUIT VIBRANTE (Vibrant night)

2015-07-04- Peinture de la Semaine: LA FÉE DE LA FORÊT (The forest fairy)

2015-07-01- Getting out of my comfort zone

2015-05-14- The influence of a mother

2015-05-10- There are no accidents

2015-04-20- Lakeshore Association of Artists Spring exhibit

2015-04-09- PAINTING OF THE WEEK- "Fragile"

2015-03-16- Canadian Landscapes, by The Group of Seven

2015-02-10- Five-Day Art Challenge on Facebook - Day 4

2015-02-10- Five-Day Art Challenge on Facebook - Day 3

2015-02-02- Five-Day Art Challenge on Facebook - Day 2

2015-02-01- Five-Day Art Challenge on Facebook - Day 1

2015-01-06- It's all about Vision

2014-12-31- PAINTING OF THE WEEK : "Répit chez les Gauthier"

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